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What’s Up in Needham?

Standoff in NeedhamFor a place where nothing much happens, Needham made up for lost ground today. Two big arrests: according to, Needham police arrested William Dunn, 41, and charged him with the killing Robert Moore, 78, and beating Moore’s daughter-in-law, who, fortunately, appears likely to come out the hospital alive. Dunn is a sprinkler guy. Moore was his customer. Dogs led the police to him. No further word on what prompted the beating.

During the manhunt, all hell broke loose in the rest of the town. The police ordered a lockdown of the schools–scaring the bejeezus out of thousands of Needham’s parents. And downtown, a standoff outside a pizza joint, resulting in the arrest, at gunpoint, of a middle aged guy in a dark suit, white shirt and tie that made him look like a extra from Men in Black III. Fox 25 had great video, and later reported that this guy (they gave his name, but I didn’t catch it) was charged with . . . hold steady now … Disturbing the Peace–and released on bail at the station. We’ll see, but my guess is that the reports that Public Enemy No. 2 had a gun, or held hostages, probably won’t pan out. Somebody’s going to have some ‘splaining to do it, and we will just have to wait and see whether it’s the police or Mr. Chips.


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